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African Adventures Collection

Africa my home

She grew up far away, but part of her never left…

Africa, mon amour

In colonial Africa, a woman fights to save her life, her honor, and the man she loves...

African Challenge

Join a unique wildlife experience. Follow young volunteers and wild animals on a farm in the Kalahari

Clarissa's Secret

Africa is her home. Europe is her birthplace. Her past is a mystery...

My Way

In the South African desert, a middle-aged housewife discovers the beauties of untamed nature - and of an untamed heart...

Under the Dark Sun of Africa

Unjustly accused of murder, a young woman fights for her freedom

The White Ethiopian

Based on the short story by Ferdinand von Schirach (SHADES OF GUILT)

The law wants him in jail. Common sense wants him in Africa.

The White Masai

A true story based on the international bestseller by Corinne Hofmann