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After the Accident

A tragedy throws his life off course, but opens the way to a new beginning

The Blind Spot

There's nothing he wouldn't do for his daughter...

Breathing Under Water

Letting go. Finding hope. Moving on.

The Confession

A son's death...a father's far would you go?

Every Second Counts

Sometimes you must take the only chance...

Father's Daughter

An anguish that will only end when she speaks about the unspeakable...

Homeward Bound

A return filled with bitter truths and glimmers of hope

In the Wrong Hands

An innocent child becomes the object of a bitter custody battle and is swept into a downward spiral of doom

Little Lord and the Lady

A boy takes on a master swindler to save his grandfather. The sequel to the original "Little Lord" TV movie.

My Father's Secret

To save her father, she uncovers a long-buried family secret to which she herself is the key...

My Husband's Mother

The slow poisoning of a young mother's mind and marriage

Passage Through Hell

Despair or defiance are the only choices…

The Rheinbergs

Banking is their trade. Power is their goal. Love is their weakness.

Shattered Glass

A broken family. A tragic illness. The will to live...

Side Effects

One single pill that changed the course of history...

Wherever You Are

To save her son, she takes on the mighty Thai mafia

Wind in the Palms

A tropical island...A beautiful woman... A man caught in a maze of lies and love..


A dream of freedom shatters in the cold embrace of a harsh land