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Burden of Love

Beneath his shine and dazzle she finds a dark reality...

Detours of Fate

It's time to bring together what belongs together

Flamenco of Love

He sweeps her off her feet - and into an adventure of love, passion and heartbreak

Fools and Lovers

A husband, his wife, and the man who throws sand into the gears of their marriage

Franz & Anna

Their faith cannot be shaken. Their love cannot be vanquished. Their conscience cannot be broken.

Impossibly Yours

Four people enter and leave one another's lives - at the risk of destroying their own...


Love needs few words.

Jealously Yours

Ask "Do you love me?" too often, and you may get the answer you fear…

Jonathan's Ballad

You cannot steal the words of love written by the heart

Letter From an Unknown Woman

He is about to read the words of love she never spoke...

Love in Thoughts

Love is the only reason to die for.

My Life To Live

Between victory and defeat is hope…

My Mother, My Bride And I

Finding a wife is one thing. Keeping her is something else...

No Stronger Love

Reverse the past, and you might destroy the future

Return to the Past

One woman, two men, and a secret that tore their lives apart...

Roswell: The Aliens Attack!

He came from another planet to destroy Earth - not to fall in love.

Season of Doubt

They've been married for years. Now they find out that they belong together.

Sudden Awakening

If he yields to his longings, he'll lose his family. If he doesn't, his life will be a lie.


To him it's love. To her it's passion. But for both, it can only lead to disaster...

Uncharted Feelings

A troubled couple is drawn into the dangerous orbit of a sensual young woman


Some choices are bigger than life

When Stars Fall To Earth

She helps others master their lives - yet she is a slave to her own.