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Christoph Waltz Collection

Dance With the Devil

The crime that rocked a nation and took 20 years to solve.

25 years ago, Richard Oetker, heir to one of the largest fortunes in Germany, was kidnapped. For the first time ever, he has agreed to collaborate with a film team to tell his story.

From the producers of "The Tunnel"

The Eye of the Bear

Awakened from his ancient sleep, a Neanderthal boy and a young girl embark on a journey of adventure…

Falling Rocks

A trek that begins in a town called Nowhere and turns into a voyage of no return

The Final Game

A packed stadium at the mercy of an unpredictable gangster

NO. 44 The Mysterious Stranger

An American boy and his wondrous friend share magic an mischief in the Middle Ages

One Hell of a Night

He's never done anything crazy in his life. Tonight he's going to make up for it.


They were brothers. Loved by the people, hunted by the cops.

Ten - Umbra Mortis

In the tradition of 'Seven', a frantic search for a bizarre serial killer...