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Disaster Collection

Bermuda Triangle North Sea

Whatever lies at the bottom of the sea can spell instant death


Every breath you take could be your last

Day of Disaster

A tension-packed miniseries based on a true story.


The first bomb has trapped them. The second will either kill them - or save them.


It's feeding time!

The Final Game

A packed stadium at the mercy of an unpredictable gangster


Unleash the fury within

Frozen Impact

Nature's Fury Unleashed

Ground Zero

The last place on earth you'd want do be

Hell's Rain

No where to run. No where to hide.

Hindenburg - The Last Flight

An awe-inspiring airship. A murderous conspiracy. A devastating catastrophe.

Hostile Takeover

In the high-tech world of global players, the stakes are murderously high.

Killer Bees

Fast, deadly, and everywhere…

Killer Flood

The Day the dam broke.

The Last Man On Planet Earth

A biological war wiped out the men......but not the aggression.

Lightning: Bolts Of Destruction

When the earth is enveloped by a deadly global lightning storm, a family of unlikely heroes must pull together and heal themselves in the process.

Meltdown - Days Of Destruction

The blinding glare of the sun.

Primal Force

Man is descended from the apes...but they are catching up fast…


They've always been among us. But they've never been so deadly…

Rats - Paris Under Siege

They're fast. They're deadly. They're everywhere.

Rats 2

They're back – with a vengeance

Special Virus Unit

The time is one minute before outbreak

Storm Tide!

A true story of ordinary people and the courageous heroes they become...


Highly explosive methane gas... A cold-blooded madman... A time bomb ticking away in the North Sea