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At Night in the Park

A murder suspect turns criminal to prove his innocence


Trapped with a killer

Blood Ties

She wants everything her sister has - including her life.

Burden of Love

Beneath his shine and dazzle she finds a dark reality...

Countdown at Sea

A dream cruise becomes a voyage of terror...

The Crossing Snakes

When detective Vanessa Kramer goes undercover to investigate a case of murder at an institute for the Indian art of love, the Kama Sutra, she has to overcome her hidden love trauma to unravel the institute's secrets.

Even Death Can Lie

Obsessed with visions of the future, he is blind to the ominous reality of the present.

The Last Trimester

Their baby will soon be born - to a psychotic, unpredictable woman…

The Obsession

A diabolical plan that began long ago. A terror that has only just begun…

A Soldier's Sweetheart

Only in the heat of battle did she find out what lurked in the depths of her soul.

Torn Children

The Nazis took her children and her freedom. But they couldn't take her will or her courage.

Unknown Friend

Walking the thin line between love and friendship, trust and betrayal