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Babylon Berlin

Title: Babylon Berlin
Format: 16 x one hour, HD
Starring: Volker Bruch (GENERATION WAR)
Liv-Lisa Fries (THE WAVE)
Matthias Brandt (COUNTERPARTS)
Hannah Herzsprung (FOUR MINUTES, THE READER)
Sebastian Urzendowsky (THE TOWER, BORIGA)
Christian Friedel (THE WHITE RIBBON)
Directed by: Tom Tykwer
Achim von Borries
Henk Handloegten
Produced by: X Filme Creative Pool, ARD Degeto, Sky and Beta Film

Babylon Berlin

Berlin in the Roaring Twenties: It is a metropolis for those with talent and ambition, for those in a hustle. It is BABYLON BERLIN. But beneath the glittering surface, the impoverished masses strive for a better life. It is a time of organized crime and political extremism. The old militaristic elites have not yet abdicated, while an even more dreadful monster starts flexing its muscles.

Gereon, a Cologne police officer, is new to the vice squad at the Red Fort, Berlin's monumental police headquarters. Though calm and sincere at first sight, he carries a haunting burden.
The squad is headed by Bruno Wolter, a loyal and caring colleague, whose hidden agenda becomes a serious threat.
Caught between these two men is Charlotte, a bright young woman struggling to improve her family's miserable living conditions and is leading a double life.

When a freight train from the young Soviet Union arrives, it draws attention from many corners: to some, its treasure is the key to political power, to others it secures a life in freedom and wealth, but first and foremost it is a deadly trap to everyone trying to approach it.