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Medici: Masters of Florence - The Magnificent

Title: Medici: Masters of Florence - The Magnificent
Format: 8 hours & 8 hours in pre-production (Season 2), HD
Starring: Daniel Sharman (Fear the Walking Dead, Teen Wolf)
Bradley James (Homeland)
Sean Bean (Game of Thrones)
Sarah Parish (Pillars of the Earth)
Alessandra Mastronardi (Master of None)
Synnøve Karlsen (Clique)
Raoul Bova (The Tourist)
Julian Sands (Gotham)
Directed by: Jon Cassar
Jan Michelini
Produced by: A Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, Altice Group and Big Light Productions Ltd.
First Look - Making Of

Medici: Masters of Florence - The Magnificent

The Art of Revolution

Florence, 1469. An attempt on Piero de Medici's life forces his son Lorenzo to assume leadership of the family-run bank. Once in power, young Lorenzo resolves to do things differently. With his brother Giuliano and young artist Sandro Botticelli at his side, he abandons the cynical politics of the past to usher in a new era of creative and political revolution. This swiftly brings him into conflict with the head of Florence's other powerful banking family, Jacopo Pazzi, who will stop at nothing to defeat Lorenzo. Their clash gives rise to one of the most thrilling political intrigues in all of history, the infamous Pazzi conspiracy.