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Feb 26 2021

Variety: First-Look Footage of Fifth and Final ‘Gomorrah’ Season, Now Shooting (EXCLUSIVE)

Sky is revealing first-look images and footage of the fifth and final season of "Gomorrah," the groundbreaking Sky Original series produced by ITV-owned Cattleya in collaboration with Germany's Beta Film, based on an idea by Italian writer Roberto Saviano.

Feb 25 2021

Variety: Alejandro Amenabar’s ‘La Fortuna,’ Starring Stanley Tucci, Gets First Promo & Beta Film Pick-Up (EXCLUSIVE)

Gearing up for its final-phase filming on locations in northern Spain and North America, Movistar Plus-AMC's high-end original "La Fortuna," starring Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci ("The Lovely Bones," "Hunger Games") and Clarke Peters ("The Wire"), has shared a behind-the-scenes featurette with Variety.

Feb 12 2021

C21: Sony finds Reasons to Live, High Flyers

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has acquired dramas from Russia and the Netherlands for its Sony AXN and Sony channels in Germany.

Feb 10 2021

C21: Disney Germany grabs dramas for Fox

The German arm of The Walt Disney Company has picked up Spanish and Russian scripted series for pay TV channel Fox in German-speaking territories.

Feb 09 2021

“Atlantic Crossing” continues European rating success, captivates Swedish audience on SVT

The Sofia Helin/Kyle MacLachlan starrer Atlantic Crossing has continued its successful rollout throughout Europe, scoring record ratings on Swedish public broadcaster SVT yesterday night.

Feb 04 2021

IndieWire: PBS’ ‘Atlantic Crossing’ Tells a World War II Story from a Woman’s Perspective

Kyle MacLachlan plays Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sonia Helin stars as Crown Princess Marta in the series.

Jan 29 2021

New York Times: ‘Gomorrah’ Is Back, as Bloody (and Gripping) as Ever

The crime series is so popular in its native Italy that it has filtered into language and culture. Some critics decry its portrayal of Naples, while others praise its realism and universal themes.

Jan 28 2021

National Geographic: Has science solved one of history’s greatest adventure mysteries? - Dyatlov Pass

The bizarre deaths of hikers at Russia's Dyatlov Pass have inspired countless conspiracy theories, but the answer may lie in an elegant computer model based on surprising sources.

Jan 26 2021

Variety: Disney Scoops Beta Film’s ‘Dead Mountain’ and Berlinale Series Market Player ‘Alive and Kicking’ in Germany (EXCLUSIVE)

The Walt Disney Company Germany has picked up a pair of Beta Films series for its Fox pay TV network for German-speaking territories: Spanish YA drama "Alive and Kicking" and Russian thriller "Dead Mountain – The Dyatlov Pass Incident."

Jan 22 2021

Italy: Oscar winner Florian Gallenberger’s "The Turncoat" celebrates great success on RAI, leaving behind Football Cup Match

The German anti-war drama The Turncoat, directed by Academy Award winner Florian Gallenberger (JOHN RAABE, COLONIA) has been premiered as a 2 hours event on Italy's public broadcaster RAI 3 last Thursday with outstanding numbers. 

Jan 21 2021

Indiewire: At Last, 'Gomorrah' Is the Prestige Drama That HBO Max Needs

The exhilarating crime-family drama revolutionized Italian TV, and now it's poised to do the same for the fledgling streamer.

Jan 18 2021

Italian audience celebrates Bruno Ganz starrer "The Tobacconist"

The Tobacconist, starring Bruno Ganz as famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, has been celebrated by Italian television audiences...

Jan 12 2021

Variety: HBO Max Joins Movistar Plus on Season 2 of Canneseries Winner 'Perfect Life'

Spanish pay TV operator Movistar Plus and HBO Max have joined forces on the upcoming second season of Leticia Dolera's "Perfect Life,"

Dec 30 2020

Spain in love with 'Tell me Who I Am'

The Spanish drama series 'Tell Me Who I Am' has celebrated a sweeping success on Movistar+ during the Christmas season...

Dec 16 2020

Los Angeles Time: Review: Handsomely-mounted ‘Louis Van Beethoven’ is bum-bum-humdrum

The 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth finds an agreeable tribute in the German television film "Louis van Beethoven," available now on VOD...

Dec 14 2020

Atlantic Crossing finishes with outstanding numbers on NRK

The drama series Atlantic Crossing has gained an outstanding viewership on Norway's public broadcaster NRK...

Nov 30 2020

Beta Film closes a row of deals with NENT’s Viaplay

The Nordic region's leading entertainment provider Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) has taken a range of Beta Film series, including La Unidad, Babylon Berlin and Gomorrah, to launch on its Viaplay streaming service, starting today...

Nov 27 2020

Drama Quarterly: Tell me more

Based on Julia Navarro's novel, Spanish drama Dime Quién Soy (Tell Me Who I Am) charts one woman's extraordinary journey though some of the 20th century's most notable moments...

Nov 20 2020

C21: Beta fills 1-2-3’s Six Empty Seats

CONTENT LONDON: German distributor Beta Film has extended its partnership with Russia's 1-2-3 Production by adding another of its drama series to its sales slate.

Nov 02 2020

Neapolitan Young Adult drama “The Sea Beyond” doubles Rai’s ratings

"Gomorrah meets Orange Is the New Black" – the Neapolitan Young Adult drama The Sea Beyond fulfills the expectations of The Hollywood Reporter (quoted), scoring sensational ratings at its premiere on Italy's RAI...

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