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Beta Film’s “Homecoming” with sensational ratings in Italy


Feb 18 2014

Munich 18 February 2014. Beta Film's Homecoming delivers record ratings in Italy. The Italian-German coproduction was watched by 5.9 million viewers on its premiere on RAI 1, reaching an outstanding market share of over 21 per cent in prime time. The TV-movie, produced by Rowboat in co-production with Beta and Dog's Life for RAI and ZDF, follows character Paul Sanseviero who returns to his Italian home in Puglia with his German wife Martina after years spent abroad. The intriguing story unfolds with the clash of cultures and sensibilities, as Paul's family try to make him stay and save the family property. Starring Alessandro Preziosi, Peppino Mazotta, Tanja Wedhorn and Karin Proia, the movie was directed by Olaf Kreinsen.