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Excellent ratings for YA-series "High-Flyers" in the Netherlands


Feb 29 2020

Beta Film's high-end young adult series High-Flyers (8 x one hour) is celebrating a strong, ongoing ratings success in the Netherlands upon its January 11 premiere on public broadcaster NPO1. Throughout its broadcast in January and February, the series reached market shares of up to 24 % and an overall audience of up to 1.5 million viewers each episode. The series is also exceptionally popular on the public broadcaster's video on demand platform NPO start, with almost two million views to date.

High-Flyers is produced by the Storytellers Film & TV in co-production with Tom de Mol for NPO/EO. The series follows three young military cadets, each driven by their very own motives, on their strenuous way to become fighter pilot ion the Dutch Royal Air Force. From their rigorous training to their first combat missions in the Middle East, their camaraderie is put to a merciless test. Beta Film handles world sales.