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Beta’s Salamander thrills viewers on BBC


Feb 17 2014

Munich, 17 Feb 2014. Beta Film’s Belgian crime series Salamander thrills viewers not only on the European continent, but also across the English Channel. The serialized high-concept thriller, already sold by Beta in two dozen territories, got off to a strong start, beating Channel 4’s US drama “Hostages”. The mystery-thriller began with 1.04 million viewers, a 4.8% share of the audience, between 9pm and 9.45pm on Saturday, followed by another 928,000 viewers (4.6%) for the second episode, followed immediately after. Episodes three and four delivered a continuing success on TV as well as on iPlayer with over 690.000 requests within the first two weeks.
Salamander’s debut was on a par with the first episode audiences for BBC 4’s Scandinavian drama hits “The Killing” and “The Bridge” and ahead of the political drama “Borgen.” The ratings follow the tremendous success of Salamander in Belgium, where it had scored record ratings with each episode, reaching over 56 per cent market share as well as setting an impressive new record for delayed digital TV viewing.
The mystery-thriller Salamander (12 x one hour) follows a cop who takes on his country’s political, business and legal elite, along with the royal family, risking his own life and that of his loved ones. The second season is in pre-production. Salamander, directed by Frank van Mechelen, is produced by Skyline Entertainment.