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NEWS “257 Reasons To Live” gets second season


Jun 14 2020

VOD-service START.RU has officially announced the extention of the TV-series 257 Reasons To Live - right after the premiere of the final episode of season one. Polina Maximova, Egor Koreshkov, Maxim Lagashkin and Julia Topolnitskaya, the leading cast of the show, "are already reading the script of the second season".

The decision to produce the next season was logical and expected: Since its premiere on March 25, the project has been the absolute number one in terms of views and new subscribers on START.RU: "After half of the season has aired, it was quite clear that we have to continue this story – due to the very positive reaction of the audience", says Vitaliy Shlyappo, the general producer of the project. "This inspiring and feel-good story has become an absolute hit on START.RU. The audience has to keep on following the adventures of Zhenya, the main character, until her last wish number 257 is carried out."

The creative team behind season one, Maxim Sveshnikov and Alexey Lyapichev, will keep on working on the new season: "Since the audience has already felt in love with all the characters of the series, we are going to explore their lives more deeply now. But Zhenya will stay the main character of the series. Without losing her cheerfulness, she will continue to move forward in her life and meet new people. Therefore, the audience can expect new characters and cast members", said Alexei Lyapichev.

The 257 Reasons To Live creators are not only waiting for the production of the new season, but also for the trip to the Côte d'Azur. As announced earlier, in October 2020 the project will be presented at CANNESERIES, the international series festival. This is the only Russian participant of the contest.