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Beta Film’s TV movies keep millions glued to screens in Germany


Feb 02 2012

Munich, 2 Feb 2012. Beta Film’s latest made-for-TV movies Shadows from the Past and Anatomy of Evil have kept millions of German viewers glued to their TVs. Shadows from the Past, directed by Robert Dornhelm (“War and Peace”, “Amanda Knox”) was watched by almost six million viewers on the public channel ARD (Feb 1) and was prime time winner, beating popular programs such as the German edition of “American Idol” on RTL. In January, ZDF scored very good ratings with the detective movie Anatomy of Evil, reaching 5.4 million viewers. Beta Film will present the sequel to Anatomy of Evil this year at the MipCom in Cannes. Shadows of the Past is produced by TPI for ARD in association with Beta Film, Anatomy of Evil is a co-production of Aichholzer Filmproduktion GmbH, ZDF and ORF.