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“Children of Mars”: NEUESUPER and Beta Film to conquer the red planet


Oct 16 2018

Cannes, 16 October 2018. Who would be willing to give up everything to be the first human on Mars? Following 13 astronauts on a one-way journey to Mars, Children of Mars is the new venture of Beta Film and the production house NEUESUPER. The eight hour drama will be directed by Christian Schwochow, whose credits include NSU – German History X and Bad Banks and who iscurrently working on The Crown’s new season.

NEUESUPER with Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter and Rafael Parente is in post-production of the Sky Original 8 Days, which will air in the beginning of 2019.

In the not too distant future an eccentric tycoon has set up a mission to colonize Mars. Not willing to accept the limits of current rocket technology as a boundary to his dream of being first, he designed the mission as a one-way trip. All 13 astronauts including himself will never set foot on Earth again. But each crewmember has a history. While they may have left Earth behind, they cannot do so with their past.

Christian Schwochow: „Children of Mars raises political and philosophical questions of great relevance. I am really looking forward to dive into this new adventure. Since I have focused my work on stories of present and past times so far, it is more than exciting for me to develop and create this series about a world in the near future. NEUESUPER with its attitude towards modern storytelling is one of the most innovative production companies - so I can‘t wait to become part of their mission.“

Writer-Producer Simon Amberger: “The colonization of Mars will become part of our reality sooner than we might think. But what does it mean for an individual to leave Earth forever? And what for mankind to become an interplanetary species? Wrapped into nowadays ultimate explorer adventure Children of Mars ultimately asks the question whether we can take humanity with us when we leave our home planet. With visionary director Christian Schwochow we teamed up with the perfect talent for a human story set within truly unhuman conditions. And we are excited to have found Beta Film as an experienced partner for our first English language show.”

Beta Film managing director Moritz von Kruedener: “The journey to Mars is one of the big dreams of mankind. We strongly believe in the innovative approach of NEUESUPER to tell a story of this dimension and emotional depth. Christian Schwochow is the perfect choice to accomplish such an ambitious project out of Europe for the international market.”