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AGENT HAMILTON to have World Premiere at MIPCOM 2019


Aug 26 2019

The World Premiere TV Screening of “Agent Hamilton” is scheduled for Sunday, 13 October 2019, at 18.30 in the Palais des Festivals’ Grand Auditorium, followed by a Q&A with cast and crew.

Agent Hamilton” is based on the bestselling “Hamilton” novels by Jan Guillou. A top-notch international cast is attached, among them Jakob Oftebro (“Below the Surface”, ”Kon-Tiki“), the “Wallander” stars Krister Henriksson and Nina Zanjani, Katia Winter ("Sleepy Hollow", "Dexter") and US actress Rowena King (“Shut Eye”, “The Bucket List”).

Erik Leijonborg (“The Last Kingdom”) is lead and conceptual director, supported by Lisa Farzaneh and Per Hanefjord. Head writer is Petter Rosenlund (NRK’s hit WW2 thriller “The Saboteurs”) supported by a writers’ room.

With 10 one-hour episodes, the series is produced by Beta Film subsidiary Dramacorp-Pampas Studios commissioned by Bonnier Broadcasting with TV channel TV4 and Nordic streaming service C More. Co-producers are Beta Film and German broadcaster ZDF, in association with ZDF Enterprises.

Dramacorp’s executive producer Patrick Nebout’s previous credits include the Canal+ hit “Midnight Sun”. Currently he is co-developing “Cannes Confidential”, an international procedural crime drama set in the Riviera resort. The producers of “Agent Hamilton” are Martina Stöhr (“Stockholm Requiem”) and Petra Jönsson (“Border”).

Swedish agent Carl Hamilton is caught up in the investigation of a terrorist attack committed by extremists. At the same time neuralgic points of Sweden are hit by a series of cyber-attacks which require very sophisticated skills. Despite having officially left the Swedish intelligence service, Hamilton is back to fight for his country and soon finds himself in the middle of a life-threatening mission against an invisible enemy with traces leading to Russian, Swedish and US intelligence forces. Since the contemporary espionage thriller is set in Sweden, Germany, Russia and the Middle East, the series is shot in various local languages and held together by a central English-language narrative.

“‘Agent Hamilton’ is not another Scandinavian Nordic noir series. High-concept and character-driven, ‘Agent Hamilton’ represents the first true international spy thriller series coming out of Scandinavia, with a strong and distinctive voice and visual identity, in the vein of ‘Three Days of the Condor’ or ‘All the President's Men’. We are looking forward to seeing ‘Agent Hamilton’ starting his international career in Cannes,” said Dramacorp’s Patrick Nebout.

Head of Production Ulf Synnerholm (C More and TV4): "C More and TV4 are very glad to commission this intense spy thriller based on one of the hottest literary properties in Scandinavia. We are doing this together with an impressive cast and crew, and are very proud to be presenting this piece in Cannes later this year."

“We are delighted to be hosting the World Premiere TV Screening of ‘Agent Hamilton’, which promises to be the latest in a long line of hit Scandinavian thriller series, this time extending its reach to other parts of the world. As a global showcase platform, MIPCOM offers the opportunity to discover the hottest fresh content, with the World Premiere TV Screenings representing a special selection of exceptional series screened for the first time, and open to all participants and press,” said Laurine Garaude, Director of Television at Reed MIDEM, which organises MIPCOM.