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ARD Degeto Boards the International Series Project “The Net"


Aug 31 2018

Munich, 31 August 2018. ARD Degeto has become the first TV broadcaster to join the ambitious international series project The Net. The fictional, transnational program, set in the world of national football, currently consists of five nationally independent but narratively connected series. Negotiations with broadcasters and production partners in Austria, Italy, France, the UK and the Middle East are well advanced.

The Net, a series created by Matthias Hartmann & Plinio Bachmann, spans at least 40 hours. Developed by Red Bull Media House and Beta Film, it is based on real events and characters: referees, promoters, players and their families, team doctors, agents and owners of dubious betting shops operate nationally and at the same time provide the global connecting element of the series.

ARD Degeto Managing Director Christine Strobl: “The international series project The Net combines national and global narrative structures and interprets serial storytelling in a new way. Europe offers many stories that are worth telling. It is time for us to begin new collaborations at the European level in order to continue to offer our viewers unique, high-quality series on ARD.”

Football is one of the most popular pastimes worldwide. The sport touches the lives of millions. This year's World Cup reached an estimated 3.4 billion people – nearly half of the world's population. For the characters of The Net, however, it’s less about moves and tactics. They operate beyond the green pitch, in a world in which sporting competition and team spirit is supplanted by luxury, lifestyle and VIP parties, and in which an international mafia achieves supremacy through extortion, drug trafficking, doping, match-fixing, illegal betting, money laundering and even homicide.

Beta Film and Red Bull Media House bring together their expertise in this collaboration -  the development and realization of high-quality international co-productions as well as the ability to tell and create stories globally.

About ARD Degeto

ARD Degeto is a 100% subsidiary company of ARD. Its members are the nine German regional broadcasters and its advertising subsidiaries. ARD Degeto acquires fictional programs for the ARD collective program Das Erste, the Third Program of the German regional broadcasters (BR, HR, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, RBB, SR, SWR, and WDR) 3sat, ARTE, the digital program offerings of EinsFestival, EinsPlus, and the other special interest channels. Programs are acquired through contract- and co-productions as well as license purchases of feature and television films and series with editorial responsibility. In addition, Degeto offers contractual and administrative services for ARD collective productions and institutional acquisitions. It is also responsible for the administration of program content and its delivery to ARD. In 2017 ARD Degeto provided 767,075 minutes of programming for 10,430 broadcast dates.

About Beta Film:

Beta Film is one of the world's leading international distributors of licenses rights for TV, HV, new media and theatrical with a portfolio of over 15.000 hours of program and established itself as a producer and co-producer of national and international high end drama. While the Beta Cinema portfolio comprises many Academy Award-nominated and -winning films, Kineos is responsible for licensing German-language rights to 12,000 titles. In the classical-music domain, Unitel is the global leader in the production of audiovisual music recordings, with a film stock of around 1,500 productions. The corporate group also has stakes in several national and international production companies as well as special interest channels. Founded in 1959, Beta Film has been part of Jan Mojto's company group since 2004.

About Red Bull Media House:

Red Bull Media House is an award-winning, globally distributed multi-platform media company on a mission to inspire with ‘beyond the ordinary’ stories - both direct-to-consumer and through partnerships. With a focus on sports, culture and lifestyle content, Red Bull Media House offers a wide range of premium media products across TV, mobile, digital, audio, and print. Red Bull Media House produces and licenses a broad selection of global live broadcast events, compelling and inspirational local storytelling with original short and long-form programming as well as feature films from around the world.