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ROCCO SCHIAVONE captures Italy


Dec 09 2016

Munich, 09 December 2016. The Italian crime series Rocco Schiavone follows in the footsteps of high-level national crime shows such as "Gomorrah" with spectacular ratings on broadcaster RAI 2 during its broadcast last weeks. The six part series thrilled constantly more than three million up to nearly five million viewers on Italian prime time with a market share of 13% up to 15% by more than doubling the channel's average.

The gritty crime series (6 x two hours) is based on the international best-selling novels by Antonio Manzini and centers on Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone, who is not what you would call a role model police officer. Sarcastic, ill-tempered, charismatic and not all too law abiding, the native Roman with all his fibers must keep his mood swings at bay. As a result of vigilantism, the seasoned detective is exiled to the more provincial alpine Aosta Valley in the midst of ice and snow – but snow isn't the only thing in the habit of covering up in the Italian Alps...

Rocco Schiavone is a co-production of RAI Fiction and Cross Productions in association with Beta Film. Beta Film also handles the international rights.