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good friends/handwritten/Fenes investigate mystery of the “Isdal Woman” - Beta Film takes world-wide rights of the series.


Jul 27 2019

good friends/handwritten/Fenes investigate mystery of the "Isdal Woman" - Beta Film takes world-wide rights of the series.


It is one of the most profound mysteries in recent Norwegian history: The story of the Isdal Woman, whose dead, half-burned body was found in a remote valley near the city of Bergen 50 years ago. Isdal Woman (8 hours) is being developed by good friends, handwritten Pictures, both German, and the Norwegian Fenes Film. Deals with Norwegian and German broadcasting partners are expected to be announced soon. Shooting for the political spy thriller series based on a true crime story is scheduled for autumn 2020. Beta Film handles world sales.

Hikers found the body of the woman in the Isdalen Valley at the west coast of Norway in November 1970. Although the police at the time considered it a likely suicide, the case was never solved and her identity never uncovered. The series follows two timelines and connects the story of a young female detective in 1970's Norway with a woman in current-day Germany, who works for a diplomat and becomes accidentally involved in the case. Both have to uncover the Isdal Woman's identity while facing pushback from powerful groups who have tried to keep it secret for almost fifty years.

good friends' Moritz von der Groeben (producer of acclaimed Arthur's Law), Sigurjon Einarsson (Fenes Film), Eric Bouley, and Christopher Sassenrath (handwritten Pictures) will serve as executive producers. The writers team is stacked with talents from both the film- and television industry as well as people with a journalistic background; Ólafur Egilsson (Woman at War), Óskar Jónasson (Reykjavík-Rotterdam), German television director Florian Knittel and newcomer Philipp Sickmann are supported by research team of Norwegian journalists and historians, including Bjørn Westlie, a renowned writer, journalist and professor at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Moritz von der Groeben: „There must be good reasons why the mystery of the Isdal Woman could not be solved up to the present day. During development, we were astonished by the fact that during the Cold War, the picturesque Norwegian west coast had been a crucial site of the arms race and spying activities – in many ways comparable what happened back then is being mirrored today."

Christopher Sassenrath adds: "Isdal Woman is an original yet genuine European narrative with roots in Norway and all of Scandinavia, but also in Germany. Accordingly, the mystery surrounding the dead woman is capable to reach and fascinate viewers from all over the world."