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Beta Film Spotlights "Medici: Masters of Florence. The Magnificent"


Oct 09 2017

Munich, 9 October 2017. Spotlight on “The Magnificent”: Beta Film partners with Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Big Light Productions' acclaimed executive producer Frank Spotnitz (The Man in the High Castle, The X-Files) and Altice Group for Medici: Masters of Florence. The Magnificent, starring Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf, Fear the Walking Dead), Bradley James (Homeland, Merlin) and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones).

The eight-hour series is currently being shot on historic locations in Tuscany and studios in Rome. Sharman, hugely popular among the younger target group with 2.8 million Instagram followers, plays Lorenzo, who is forced to assume leadership of the family at a young age in a turbulent, dangerous era. He is determined to use his power to usher in a cultural and political revolution, and in so doing becomes beloved by the people as “The Magnificent.”

Sharman and Spotnitz will join Lux Vide’s Luca and Matilde Bernabei, Beta Film’s Jan Mojto and Rai Fiction director Eleonora Andreatta to present first images of the premium series on Monday, 16 October, 3.00 pm, at MIPCOM in Cannes.

Frank Spotnitz, Big Light Productions: “Lorenzo is a true Renaissance man and one of the greatest figures in history. When he takes leadership of the family, his idealism is put to the test, and culminates in the incredible but true story of the Pazzi conspiracy, a real-life thriller that’s still shocking centuries later.”

Matilde and Luca Bernabei, Lux Vide: “We are delighted, after 25 years, to still be working with Beta, producing quality series alongside our friend Jan Mojto. This production is truly a 'Rock Revolution,' where the young are coming into their own, notwithstanding old guard resistance.”

Eleonora Andreatta, Rai Fiction: “We are proud to share this great project that brings Italy to the world with companies that represent international excellence and have always been able to think big and innovate. This is a series that tells a generation of young people and we think it can conquer a wide and stratified audience.”

Jan Mojto, Beta Film: "Young people with young ideas breaking up old structures – this is a most current subject, to which everybody can connect. We are delighted to partner with Frank Spotnitz and Lux’ Matilde and Luca Bernabei on this exceptional show.”

Nora Melhli, Altice Group: “We are thrilled to be part of this ambitious series alongside Lux Vide, Big Light and Beta. The incredible adventure of one of the most famous families of their time completely fulfills our promise to our viewers: to bring them the best original shows and exclusive stories.”

The series begins in Florence in 1469, where an attempt on Piero de Medici’s life forces his son Lorenzo to assume leadership of the family-run bank. Once in power, young Lorenzo resolves to do things differently. With his brother Giuliano (James) and young artist Sandro Botticelli at his side, he abandons the cynical politics of the past to usher in a new era of creative and political revolution. This swiftly brings him into conflict with the head of Florence’s other powerful banking family, Jacopo Pazzi (Bean), who will stop at nothing to defeat Lorenzo. Their clash gives rise to one of the most thrilling political intrigues in all of history, the infamous Pazzi conspiracy.

The series is directed by Jon Cassar, director for eight seasons of 24 and executive producer and director of 24: Legacy and 24: Live Another Day, and Jan Michelini (Un passo dal cielo).

In addition to Sharman, James and Bean, the cast features Sarah Parish (Pillars of the Earth), Alessandra Mastronardi (Master of None), Synnøve Karlsen (Clique), Raoul Bova (The Tourist, Under the Tuscan Sun) and Julian Sands (Gotham). Shooting is expected to wrap in December.

Medici: Masters of Florence. The Magnificent is a Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, Altice Group and Big Light Productions Ltd. Executive producers are Luca Bernabei, Frank Spotnitz, Matilde Bernabei, Jon Cassar, Emily Feller, Daniele Passani and Nora Melhli.


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