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TF1 partners on UFA/Beta upcoming event series HITLER (WT)


Oct 05 2015

Cannes, 5 October 2015. Marking the start of this year´s MipCom, Beta Film has presold the upcoming UFA/Beta high-end drama series HITLER (WT) to French broadcaster TF1. The ten hour event series from the producers of the international sales and audience hit Generation War is being developed together with Germany’s RTL and currently in preproduction. The show is based on the biography “Hitler’s First War” by the internationally renowned historian Thomas Weber and will shed an unprecedented light on the most closely examined figure of modern history. The scripts are written by Niki Stein and Hark Bohm, producers are UFA’s Benjamin Benedict and Joachim Kosack.

Each episode concentrates on one chapter of the story of Hitler’s rise to power – from the end of World War I up until the catastrophe of the Holocaust and the Second World War. Based on unexamined documents about the List Regiment, in which Hitler served, it allows a closer look at Hitler’s personality, on how he was shaped into what he became, and his social relationships, eventually evolving into the backbone of the NSDAP.

Beta Film CEO Jan Mojto: “HITLER is one of the most ambitious European TV projects to date and will change the way we see him today. I am pleased that TF 1 partnered with us on script basis for this groundbreaking show.”

UFA producers Benjamin Benedict and Joachim Kosack: “With HITLER, we strive to lift the traditional format “historical mini-series” to a new level. The early support of high-ranking channels such as TF1 and RTL has helped us in this audacious undertaking of courageously confronting the past.”

Hitler’s rise to power is reflected through three of his comrades from the First World War: Fritz Wiedemann and Hugo Gutmann, who initially served as Hitler’s commanding lieutenants in the Bavarian Army and Karl Mayr, the first of Hitler’s many patrons, who later turned into one of his harshest critics – three different perspectives, three distinct fates interwoven with the man who turned Europe into rubble.

HITLER is produced by UFA Fiction in co-production with Beta Film and in development with RTL.


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