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MipTV 2015: Grand European stories by Beta Film


Mar 18 2015

Munich, 18 March 2015. Grand European stories by Beta Film: The emotionally gripping East-Western cold war drama Line of Separation, inspired by true events, the adventure-movie about the Starfighter-scandal, which pushed the young German state and Nato to the brink, the Spanish psycho-thriller series and current rating hit Under Suspicion and the outstanding Italian political thriller series 1992 about the Mani-Pulite investigations set new standards for high-quality fictional content at this year’s MipTV 2015 in Cannes.

A world cut in half by ideologies – this is reality in a small German village, sitting right on the demarcation line between the American and Russian occupation zone after World War II. The gripping miniseries Line of Separation (6 x one hour) by Gabriela Sperl and Academy Award-winning production outlet Wiedemann & Berg (“The Lives of Others”) depicts the lives and destinies of the inhabitants torn between different ideologies. The mini gained record ratings at its premiere on Germany’s ZDF with 7 million viewers in January, following in the footsteps of the success of “Generation War”.

“Flying coffin”, “beautiful death”, “widowmaker” – these are some of the appalling nicknames of the legendary F-104, which caused one of the biggest military scandals that shook the Nato and defense industries. The crash of 262 starfighter planes ordered by Germany in the 1960s, killing 116 pilots, forms the backdrop of the feature length event Starfighter (1x two hours) in which a brave young widow takes the investigation into her hands and challenges the government and the US giant Lockheed itself. Produced by Zeitsprung’s Michael Souvignier it will bow on Germany’s RTL end of March.

After the sweeping international success of “Grand Hotel” and “Velvet”, Beta Film presents the latest series of the Spanish production outlet Bambu Producciones, the psycho-thriller Under Suspicion (8xone hour), which is currently being shown with an ongoing impressive 21 percent market share on Spain’s Antena 3. Under Suspicion follows the track of seven-year-old Alicia, who disappears in a close-knit community. To discover the identity of the kidnapper, the police decide to infiltrate two agents who pretend to be a couple with the aim of approaching the family of the missing girl. Also from Atresmedia comes the highly successful thriller series No Identity (24x one hour) with the track-record of best scripted launch on Antena 3 for the last five years. The series revolves around Anna, who paid hard for discovering a baby trafficking mafia network, whose victim she was years ago.

After its world premiere at the Berlinale and numerous presales, the acclaimed Italian thriller-series 1992 (10xone hour) will be presented at Mip for the first time. 1992, set in the political turmoil triggered by the so-called Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) maxi-investigation, is the latest series of Sky Italia, producer of the highly successful mafia-drama series “Gomorrah”. Realized by Wildside, the 10xone hour series revolves around six ordinary people whose lives are intertwined with the political, civil and social earthquake going by the name of Tangentopoli (Kickback City). Beta Film recently sold the series to Sky UK, Sky Ireland, Sky Deutschland and Sky Austria. All channels will broadcast simultaneously with Sky Italia on March 24th.

Beta Film also introduces a number of ARD Degeto “made for TV”-movies from charming comedies such as Life Upside Down (1xtwo hours, Caligari) to entertaining detective formats such as the movie collection Inspector Dupin (3xtwo hours), set in the wild beauty of Brittany/France, where Paris veteran detective Georges Dupin feels like a fish out of water.

Beta Film’s family entertainment label Wunderbox presents the 3D animated feature film The Little Medic (75 minutes, produced by Beta Film’s Wunderwerk). Based on the bestselling novel of Dietrich Grönemeyer, The Little Medic tells the adventurous story of Nano and his friend, who get shrunk down to set out on a fantastic journey through grandpa’s body to save his life.

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