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Monte Carlo-Award winning “Gomorrah” goes into second season


Jun 19 2015

Munich, 19 June 2015. Monte Carlo-Award winning series Gomorrah goes in its second season.  Sky Italia, Cattleya, Fandango and Beta Film are producing twelve new episodes of the hard hitting crime series, which just won two Golden Nymph Awards at the prestigious Monte Carlo TV Festival. Showrunner Stefano Sollima currently shoots with Don Pietro (Fortunato Cerlino), Ciro di Marzio (Marco D’Amore), Genny (Salvatore Esposito), Conte (Marco Palvetti) and their gangs in the Southern Italian city of Naples before the set moves to Rome and its Tyrrhenian shores and further on to Honduras. First scenes had already been shot in Germany.

At the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival, Gomorrah received the award Thursday night as “Best Drama TV Series”, beating prestigious international productions like “House of Cards” and “The Fall”. Lead actor Marco D’Amore was declared “Best Outstanding Actor in a Drama TV Series” against the strong competition of US-star Kevin Spacey.

Inspired by Roberto Saviano’s bestselling novel of the same name, a literary hit with over 10 million copies sold, Gomorrah has experienced a sweeping international success. Beta Film sold the acclaimed series in 113 territories, among them the US (The Weinstein Company). Variety described it as "the Italian answer to The Wire" whereas one of the most authoritative international newspapers, Le Monde, devoted its front page to Gomorrah calling it "an outstanding crime series".

Next to Stefano Sollima (“Romanzo Criminale”) are directing Francesca Comencini (“A Special Day”), Claudio Cupellini (“A Quiet Life”) and – as a newcomer to the series – Claudio Giovannesi (“Ali Has Blue Eyes”). New story-lines bring in new female figures such as Cristiana Dell’Anna and Cristina Donadio (“Libera”). Writers of the second season are Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Ludovica Rampoldi and Maddalena Ravagli. Shooting of the second season will be wrapped in October, the series will available in spring 2016.

The second season opens with Pietro Savastano, who has just escaped from the prison van, Genny, whose men fall into the ambush laid by Salvatore Conte and Ciro, who shot Genny. The era of the Savastano clan that once undisputedly reigned over Naples, seems to be hopelessly over. What lies ahead now is the largest power vacuum ever in the history of the Camorra. All the forces involved have suddenly the chance to have their say and won´t longer submit to Don Pietro’s orders. But the latter, although physically and mentally tried by hard prison regime, does not seem willing to lose his empire.

Engaging in the fight for power are new female characters like Patrizia (Cristiana Dell’Anna), a strong personality with a difficult past. As a shop assistant in a fashion store she is extremely well connected within the upper class and serves as eyes and ears of Don Pietro’s gang. New on board is also Annalisa, nicknamed “Scianel” (wrong spelling for Chanel, played by Cristina Donadio), a rough and distrustful character in charge of the key drug pushing market once belonging to his brother Zecchinetta, the boss killed by Genny’s teen followers in the first season.

Gomorrah was previously honoured at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in the Author’s Days, snapped five awards at the Roma Fiction Fest including "Best Italian product", won as "Best Programme" at 2014 Eutelsat TV Awards and as “Best 2014 Series” at Mira Awards (Germany’s most prestigious award in the pay-TV sector). The series was also presented at the Toronto Film Festival in the "Special Presentations".

Gomorrah is produced by Sky Italia, Cattleya, Fandango and Beta Film.