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The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times recommend Beta Film´s success series Babylon Berlin


May 15 2020

In its article "IQ author Joe Ide recommends insomnia reading and listening in quarantine", the LA Times asked Joe Ide to track what he does in isolation: "I've been binge-watching Babylon Berlin, a rich, compelling series about a detective in Weimar Germany in 1929. It's based on the novels by Volker Kutscher and co-created by director Tom Tykwer. A police detective played by Volker Bruch teams up with a party girl played by Liv Lisa Fries to investigate corruption. The ensemble cast is terrific, textured, not a cliché in sight. The show is set in the Germany of "Cabaret," a time of decadence, cultural upheaval and the rise of the Nazis. I think production values can make or break a period piece, and they're very convincing here. (I'm reminded of "The Last Samurai," starring Tom Cruise, where the 16th century farming village is immaculate, the peasants are clean and well dressed and nobody is poor.) The set pieces in Babylon Berlin also shine. You won't see them coming. As you might expect, a thriller about Germany, shot by Germans on location in Germany, has an entirely different feel from a comparable U.S. show. Watch the series."

The New York Times features Beta Film´s Babylon Berlin in its article "What to Watch on Netflix to Help Language Learning" and recommends the series to learn German: "Babylon Berlin offers a dazzling stew of police procedural, spy thrills, political unrest and hedonistic nighttime pleasures. Although heavy Berlin accents abound, the dialogue and vocabulary are mostly fairly easy to follow with subtitles."