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Beta Film’s “Hassel” Starts Filming Late 2016


Sep 25 2016

Munich, 26 September 2016. Roland Hassel, the iconic detective created by bestseller author Olov Svedelid, will enter the screen as an original TV series, produced by Nice Drama and Beta Film for Viaplay. Filming starts in late 2016 with the series delivery scheduled for 2017. Ola Rapace (“Section Zero”, “Skyfall”) will play the role of Hassel.  The show contributes to Beta’s high quality European series line up, led by the Italian mafia drama “Gomorrah” (Sky Italia), HBO Europe’s “Wasteland”, and Scandinavian thriller series “Mammon” (NRK). Hassel will be Viaplay’s next original series, after “Swedish Dicks” (2016) and “Ockupationen” (2017).

Hassel is a realistic, nuanced and uncompromising series in ten episodes that focuses on detective Roland Hassel, the title character in 29 books by Olov Svedelid. The series follows Hassel and his colleagues in the fight against the rising tide of serious crime in Stockholm. When his boss and mentor is brutally murdered in broad daylight, Hassel is rapidly drawn into a ruthless world of power, money and corruption – a grey area where everything is connected, and where nothing is what it seems. As Hassel gets closer to the truth, the danger facing his family grows. There is a way out – but it will force Hassel to cross all moral boundaries.

Hassel is produced by Nice Drama, who previously delivered successes such as “The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared” and “Thicker Than Water”. Henrik Jansson-Schweizer and Morgan Jensen created the series andwrote the script in collaboration with Björn Paqualin and Charlotte Lesche. The series isco-produced by Beta Film, who also handles world sales.

Lead talent Ola Rapace: “Roland Hassel is an exciting character, and I’m looking forward to making a modern Swedish crime series that aims to be something more than to just fit the Friday drink.”

Henrik Jansson-Schweizer, co-creator of the series with Morgan Jensen: “The series will reflect contemporary events and today’s increasingly tough social climate – just as in Svedelid´s original vision. Ola is also the perfect choice to play Hassel.”