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“Passenger 23” wins young audience for RTL in prime-time premiere ratings


Dec 14 2018

German broadcaster RTL takes home a huge primetime win for Beta's event movie Passenger 23: premiering yesterday on the prominent 8.15pm slot, the thriller was especially popular with the younger viewership. 1.32 million viewers in the age group 14-49 tuned in, resulting in the top market share of 15.2 %. The overall market share was an impressive 11.9 %, reaching a total audience of 3.31 million viewers and thus taking home second place in overall ratings.

Based on a thriller by best-selling German author Sebastian Fitzek, Passenger 23 follows police psychologist Martin, who goes aboard the very cruise ship from where his family disappeared five years prior. He finds that there is a serial killer at work, targeting women and their children. The Zieglerfilm production for RTL is sold by Beta Film internationally.