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Beta Film’s “Felipe and Letizia”: a dream-team soon to become King and Queen


Jun 02 2014

Munich 2. June 2014.  With the breaking news of King Juan Carlos’ abdication, Spain’s favourite couple, Felipe and Letizia are about to inherit the throne. Times are turbulent in Spain and a lot of problematic current affairs lay in the hands of the two of them. However a serious challenge is something the two have already mastered in the past- was it not their love that was considered impossible only a while ago and turned out in a most romantic modern fairy tale? Beta Film’s TV movie Felipe and Letizia starring Amaia Salamanca, Fernando Gil, Juanjo Puigcorbé and Marisa Paredes follows the couples difficult and passionate journey from a dinner with friends to a dream wedding. Directed by Andreu Rebés for Telecinco in collaboration with Brutal Media. Beta Film wishes Felipe and Letizia all the best for the next step in their shared future!