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“Generation War” with over one million viewers on BBC 2


May 12 2014

Munich, 12 May 2014. Being the first sub-titled program to air on BBC 2 since more than ten years, Generation War was broadcasted with remarkable success in the UK and soared up to Nr.1 in the national iTunes TV-Series-Charts. Having been well received by the press in the forefront, with excellent reviews and pick of the day ratings, episode one of the German success-mini-series took off with 1.2 accumulated viewers (including BBC's iPlayer-numbers). The recalls made it the No.1 requested BCC 2 program on the electronic device and No. 4 in the Top 20 across all UK channels.  Episode two and three followed with overnight ratings of 700.000 viewers and a 5,5% market share as well as 800.00 viewers and a 4% market share for the latter. Catch-up figures are not yet available.

Generation War has been a worldwide success with record ratings throughout Europe and overseas. Altogether the three episodes were watched by almost 45 million viewers worldwide to date.

Generation War follows five friends besieged by twisted ideologies and raw violence in Nazi Germany, eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe – and that will forever change them as well. Starring, Volker Bruch ("The Reader"), Tom Schilling ("Oh Boy"), Katharina Schüttler ("Oh Boy"), Miriam Stein ("Young Goethe", "Borgia"), Ludwig Trepte and Sylvester Groth ("Inglorious Basterds") the three part mini-series is directed by Philipp Kadelbach ("Hindenburg") and produced by teamWorx (UFA Fiction) and ZDF in co-operation with Beta Film.