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Wikileaks: THE BORDER in focus of US State Department


Dec 15 2010

Munich, 15 December 2010. The Canadian TV series The Border has drawn considerable attention at the US State Department in Washington. Recently published papers by Wikileaks showed that US embassy officials in Ottawa criticized negative stereotypes of US Homeland Security officers allegedly reflected in the CBC series. Productions like The Border (38 x one hour, world sales by Beta Film) were contributing to the Canadian public’s attitude which sees “all US policies as a result of the nefarious faceless US bureaucrats anxious to squeeze their northern neighbor”, claimed the US embassy. 
The producer of The Border, White Pine Pictures, took the criticism of the US embassy ironically. Although they were flattered to see their fictitious TV show attracting so much attention at the State Department, The Border was “not anti-American, but anti the Bush Administration’s illegal trampling of human rights in the post 9/11 world of fear and intimidation”, they stated.
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