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Sep 08 2016

HBO Europe and Beta Film partner on TIFF-entry “Wasteland”

HBO and Beta Film partner again on the eight-hour drama series Wasteland...

Aug 31 2016

“Gomorrah” Foreign-Language Hit in US

The series has become a foreign-language hit on Sundance Channel US...

Aug 19 2016

New York Times: ‘Gomorrah’ Brings a Familiar Italian Import: Dark Crime

"Gomorrah" makes its United States debut on SundanceTV...

Jun 03 2016

Secrets of the Nile: Arabic “Grand Hotel” opens its doors on Ramadan

The Arabic version of the international success-series Grand Hotel opens its doors...

May 19 2016
May 18 2016

Hollywood Reporter: Lars Eidinger and Karl Markovics Join Cast of 'Babylon-Berlin'

'A Hologram for the King' helmer Tom Tykwer is co-writing and co-directing the hotly anticipated period crime series.

May 11 2016

Fulminant start: “Gomorrah 2” with all-time high in Italy

The extraordinary crime series has started with an all-time high in Italy...

May 03 2016
Apr 26 2016

‘The Embassy’ roars to the top of Spain’s prime-time

'Velvet' competes for renowned Banff-Award

Apr 25 2016

Best Series Award for “NSU German History X” at prestigious French TV Festival Séries Mania

The mini-series NSU German History X has won the Blogger's Award for Best Series...

Apr 22 2016

The New York Times: Watching 30 degrees in February

... something on a beach, but not "beachy":

Apr 18 2016

“Murder by the Lake” Constant Primetime-Winner in Germany

Beta's Murder by the Lake-movie cycle remains primetime winner...

Apr 08 2016

“Shame” is nominated for six Norwegian Emmy Awards

The highly successful Norwegian teen- series "Shame" is nominated...

Apr 06 2016

Beta’s NRK Super production ALLROUND CHAMPION wins International Emmy Kids Award

Canadian producer marblemedia optioned adaptation rights for North America

Apr 04 2016

Beta Film presents TERROR as worldwide TV-event by Oliver Berben

Beta Film is picking up the TV event TERROR (Moovie/Constantin Film for ARD Degeto)

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