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Jul 07 2017

“Velvet” triumphs on Italian prime time

It's probably the most famous fictional Haute Couture-paradise of the world: Galarias Velvet, center of the long running TV series by Spanish powerhouse Bambú Producciones...

Jul 05 2017

Producer Friedemann Goez joins Beta Film's international TV production department

Beta Film has appointed producer Friedemann Goez as new executive for German, European and international developments and co-productions to strengthen its TV production department...

Jun 21 2017

World premiere of Beta Film's Nordic Noir-series "Hassel" and teenage-drama "Five2Twelve" at Série Series in Fontainebleau

With a lineup of four new shows, among them the world premieres of the Swedish thriller series Hassel and the German coming-of-age drama Five2Twelve, Beta Film enters the renowned French TV Festival Série Series in Fontainebleau (28-30 June)...

Jun 21 2017

"NSU German History X" catches Golden Nymph on its way to Asia

Beta Film has secured Asian territories for NSU German History X, which has been honored with a Golden Nymph last night at the prestigious TV Festival in Monte Carlo...

May 30 2017

"Gomorrah III" to Air Next Fall

Filming of third series broadcast by Sky Atlantic ongoing...

May 27 2017

New York Times: "The Same Sky"

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

May 26 2017

The Guardian: Operation Romeo

TV lays bare the cold war's strangest, sexiest mission

May 02 2017

Unlimited Success for Beta’s “Murder by the Lake”

Eight million viewers and primetime-wins in all target groups...

Apr 04 2017

Beta’s “1993” spreads throughout Europe

Beta Film has secured a row of deals for the political thriller series 1993...

Apr 03 2017

Movistar+/Telefonica partners with Beta on first originals

Telefonica and Movistar+ partner with Beta Film on their first original productions...

Apr 03 2017

Beta Film adds ambitious shows to its most successful Spanish series slate

Beta Film is further extending its engagement in the Iberian series sector...

Apr 01 2017

Gomorrah continues international roll-out – Beta Film signs deals in Africa and India

Beta Film has sold the Sky Italia mega-hit to M-Net, the biggest subscription TV network in Africa...

Mar 30 2017

“The Same Sky” captures five million viewers and wins German prime time

The Same Sky has secured extraordinary ratings...

Mar 13 2017

“Inspector Dupin” cracks 5 Million viewers in Germany

Inspector Dupin (movie cycle, 16 hours) has received spectacular ratings on Germany's public broadcaster ARD...

Feb 09 2017

New Structures at X Filme, Partners Up with Beta Film

The X Filme Group is about to be re-structured...

Feb 08 2017

First Promo-Reel of BABYLON BERLIN – International Sales Announced – Broadcast in Fall

X Filme Creative Pool, ARD, Sky and Beta Film have presented first footage of their collectively produced series BABYLON BERLIN...

Feb 06 2017

Professor T. continues European roll-out Beta format gains five million viewers in Germany

The remake of the successful Flemish original gained five million views...

Feb 01 2017

C21: ABC to remake Salamander

...starring Toni Collette.

Jan 19 2017

Seven million viewers checked in at Hotel SACHER on ZDF

The Sacher has opened its doors to a German audience and over seven million viewers checked in...

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