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Apr 22 2014

Hallmark's “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” takes off with 2.1 million viewers at U.S. premiere

The new series on Beta Film's slate had a running start on Hallmark Channel...

Apr 13 2014

NEWS/Hollywood Reporter: Sarajevo (Das Attentat: Sarajevo 1914): Film Review

This historical drama from Austrian director Andreas Prochaska stars Florian Teichtmeister and Edin Hasanovic and arrives exactly 100 years after the start of World War I.

Apr 08 2014

WEINSTEIN COMPANY takes rights to crime series GOMORRAH produced by SKY ITALIA

The Weinstein Company (TWC) have acquired rights to the crime drama series GOMORRA...

Apr 07 2014

Beta Film’s “Velvet” conquers Italy and France - green light for second season of glamour, passion and excitement

Beta Film kicks off MipTV with two major sales of its glittery new show Velvet...

Mar 31 2014

NEWS/Daily Kos: A Tale of Two Borgia TV Shows: As Usual, Americans Get the Inferior

Basically, there are two premium cable TV shows currently on air about the Borgias....

Mar 28 2014

NEWS/Telegraph: Mammon, More 4, review

The new Norwegian crime thriller contained all the ingredients of successful Nordic noir but combined them with an additional degree of sophistication, says Jake Wallis Simons

Mar 27 2014

Beta Film delivers in Cannes the best from and to the world with “Velvet”, “Mammon” and “Wonderland”

At this year's MIP TV, Beta Film is delivering the best from and to the world...

Mar 16 2014

NEWS/ESQUIRE 6 Reasons To Love Belgium: Salamander

The catalyst is Salamander, a crime series that's replaced Borgen in the hearts of the BBC Four foreign-drama crowd...

Mar 12 2014

Stefan Oelze and Beta Film launch production company

Stefan Oelze and Beta Film launch production company...

Feb 19 2014

Velvet captivates audience in Spain

Beta Film's marvellous glittering new series Velvet has made its debut in Spain with a bang...

Feb 18 2014

Beta Film’s “Homecoming” with sensational ratings in Italy

Beta Film's Homecoming delivers record ratings in Italy...

Feb 17 2014

Beta’s Salamander thrills viewers on BBC

Munich, 17 Feb 2014. Beta Film's Belgian crime series Salamander thrills viewers not only on the European continent, but also across the English Channel.

Jan 31 2014
Dec 02 2013

„The Christmas Ornament“ - Hallmark celebrates the season!

Rating suchrischrccess of The Christmas Ornament has set Hallmark US into a festive mood...

Nov 26 2013

"A Day for a Miracle" wins International Emmy

New York, 26 Nov 2013. Beta Film's A Day for a Miracle has won the International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie.

Nov 13 2013

Italian fans are loyal to “Rossella”

The second season on RAI UNO of Rossella has increased its ratings...

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