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Feb 08 2016

The Economist: Italian political drama is the new Nordic Noir

Unravelling the sacred myths of the dolce vita is proving to be the perfect fix for those looking for their next hit of international television drama...

Jan 08 2016

Beta’s “Wonderland”-star Michael Dorman leads the new Amazon Studios original “PATRIOT”

Michael Dorman, the star of WONDERLAND, is the new lead in the Amazon original thriller/dramedy "Patriot"...

Dec 17 2015

Beta’s “Velvet” keeps seducing Italian viewers

After its fabulous ratings in its first season, Beta's drama series Velvet keeps its promise on Italy's RAI 1.

Dec 10 2015

Beta’s „The Lost Brother“ catches nearly 6 Million viewers against Champions League in Germany

Beta Film's The Lost Brother has made a point against Champions League on German TV yesterday night.

Nov 10 2015

VOX Germany scored record ratings with remake of Spanish/Catalan success-series “Red Bracelets”

The German version of the Spanish mega success series has beaten all expectations during yesterday's night prime time broadcast...

Oct 05 2015
Sep 03 2015

TBI: Netflix buys Italian corruption drama

Netflix has acquired US subscription streaming rights to Italian crime and corruption period drama 1992

Aug 27 2015


LABYRINTH OF LIES will represent Germany as the official submission for the 88th Oscar® for the Best Foreign Language Film...

Aug 26 2015

Cult-Wild West adventure “Winnetou” (WT) reloaded: Beta Film/RTL/RatPack shoot high budget drama in Croatia

The stories of Karl May's Apache chief Winnetou and his companion Old Shatterhand...

Aug 06 2015

A Production of Superlatives: Beta Shoots Historical Three-Part Miniseries "Maximilian”

A grandiose cast, highly detailed sets, sumptuous costumes and furnishings...

Jul 02 2015
Jun 19 2015

Monte Carlo-Award winning “Gomorrah” goes into second season

Monte Carlo-Award winning series Gomorrah goes in its second season.

May 12 2015

TBI: Beta seals CCTV drama deal

Beta Film has sealed a raft of Asian sales including shopping a pair of drama series to China's CCTV...

May 11 2015

Line of Separation convinces viewers in Sweden

Line of Separation continues success  in Sweden as well...

Apr 14 2015

“Under Suspicion” thrills throughout the whole season

Under Suspicion has scored record ratings...

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