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Apr 19 2013

“Burning Bush” and “A Letter for Evita” on Monte Carlo shortlist

Munich, 19. April 2013. Beta Film's highly acclaimed mini-series Burning Bush and A Letter for Evita are competing for the Golden Nymphs at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Apr 18 2013

News/THR: Giulio Andreotti dies at 94 – career inspired Sorrentino’s IL DIVO

The film-loving political icon's career spanned nearly 70 years and was the inspiration for director Paolo Sorrentino's Cannes Jury Prize-winner "Il Divo" in 2008.

Apr 08 2013

ARTE boards Telecinco/Beta-adventure series “Alatriste”

Cannes, 8 April 2013. The adventure series Alatriste welcomes ARTE as the German-French partner on board.

Apr 08 2013

ZDF/teamWorx-production “Generation War” goes to the US

Cannes, 8. April 2013. Even before MipTV began, Beta Film has sold the highly acclaimed event production Generation War to several countries worldwide and, rather unusually for German productions, to various English speaking territories.

Apr 07 2013

Beta Film partners with HBO on “Burning Bush”

Cannes, 7 April 2013. Beta Film has picked up the distribution rights for HBO Europe's highly acclaimed three part miniseries Burning Bush.

Mar 27 2013

Beta Film leads new wave of European programming

Beta Film leads the new wave of European programming at this year's MipTV...

Mar 21 2013

Phenomenal viewer hit “Generation War” triggers unprecedented media debate in Germany

Munich, 21 March 2013. The highly acclaimed event production Generation War, praised as a "turning point in German television" (Der Spiegel), has scored record ratings in Germany, triggering an unprecedented media and public debate about the personal involvement and guilt of everyone's parents and grandparents.

Jan 14 2013

ZDF Enterprises, Beta Film und Gruppe 5 to produce opulent event series "Alexander"

Mainz/Munich/Cologne,  14th January 2013. The Macedonian commander Alexander the Great, one of the mightiest rulers in history, holds center stage in the opulent event series Alexander, which is being produced jointly by ZDF Enterprises, Beta Film and Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion.

Jan 10 2013

Beta’s HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA scores record ratings with over 25,5 million over three nights

Munich, 10 January 2013. Beta's new epic six hour drama series HOTEL ADLON – A FAMILY SAGA about the world-famous Berlin luxury hotel at the Brandenburg Gate has scored sensational ratings in Germany, winning each prime time and leaving prestigious programs such as Tatort, the German version of American Idol and Navy CIS far behind.

Jan 08 2013

Beta’s highlights shine during holiday season

Munich, 8 Jan 2013. Beta Film's movies and miniseries have shined during the holiday season throughout Europe.

Dec 06 2012

Beta's KING delivers strong and stable ratings in Germany

Detective Jessica King and her Major Crimes Task Force have delivered strong and stable ratings in Germany, beating US Series on major channels many times.

Dec 05 2012

"Homicide Hills" sets benchmark in Germany - green light for third season

Munich, 28 Nov 2012. The detective series Homicide Hills is setting benchmarks in Germany.

Nov 19 2012

British media praises GRAND HOTEL as “Spanish Downton Abbey”

Munich, 19 Nov 2012. British media has praised Beta Film's lavish drama series Grand Hotel as "Spanish Downton Abbey" ("Daily Telegraph", "Sun").

Nov 13 2012

WISHING TREE and GOOD WITCH'S CHARM bewitch the US audience

Munich, 13 Nov. 2012. In Hallmark Channel's countdown to Christmas, the original movies The Wishing Tree and The Good Witch's Charm have bewitched viewers in the US.

Nov 02 2012

Rommel concers German prime time

Munich, 2 Nov 2012. The media praised event TV movie Rommel about Hitler's desert fox has conquered the prime time in Germany.

Oct 31 2012

Beta Cinema with high-profile acquisitions at AFM

Munich, 31 October 2012. Two high-profile acquisitions lead Beta Cinema's lineup at this year's American Film Market.

Oct 30 2012

Beta’s MERLIN enchantes France

Merlin has enchanted the French TV public...

Oct 22 2012

Variety: 'Copper' renewed for second season

BBC America's first original series, "Copper," has received an order for a second season...

Oct 05 2012

Beta’s THE TOWER beats Champions League with exceptional ratings in Germany

The epic East German drama The Tower has scored truly exceptional ratings in Germany.

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