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Title: 1994
Original title: 1994
Format: 8 x one hour, HD
Starring: Stefano Accorsi
Guido Caprino
Giovanni Ludeno
Antonio Gerardi
Paolo Pierobon
Directed by: Giuseppe Gagliardi
Claudio Noce
Produced by: Wildside and Sky Italia
Episode 1 
Episode 2 


After three years of scandals, the rise of populism and the breakdown of the old government, the most dramatic era of Italy's recent history comes to an end. At the dawn of the Second Republic, everything changes. But some of what brought the old government down remains the same: politics as usual. Every revolution has a price.

After the breakdown of the old government, and with it the First Republic, Italy changed for good in 1994. Spinster Leo is all too aware of this. He pushed hard to see Berlusconi get elected Prime Minister. He knows it's not easy to win power, but holding on to it verges on the impossible. By the same token, it seems equally impossible for populist politician Pietro to change. Even now that he has an office at the Prime Minister's premises in Rome, he still can't cast off his old bad habits. Nor can he forget the only woman he has ever loved. A former TV starlet now turned politician and Congresswoman, Veronica has to decide who the man of her life is going to be. She has realized she no longer wants to be just a woman on the arm of powerful men. It is the start of her own push for power.

In 1994, everything, yet nothing really changes: a new republic rises.


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