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257 Reasons to Live

Title: 257 Reasons to Live
Original title: 257 prichin, chtoby zhit
Format: 26 x half hour, HD
Starring: Polina Maximova
Egor Koreshkov
Maksim Lagashkin
Julia Topolnitskaya
Kirill Nagiev
Roman Maykin
Directed by: Maksim Sveshnikov
Produced by: Yellow, Black and White and Start
Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3 
Episode 13 

257 Reasons to Live

Even though she beat cancer, Zhenya's life falls apart as everyone she leaned on turns out to be a massive jerk. But this young woman is truly unbreakable and she sets out to check off every wish on her bucket list: 257 of them – and she will fulfill them all!

At only thirty, Zhenya has had it rough. But after three years of fighting, the unthinkable happens: her cancer is in remission! Yet what should be the happiest day of her life quickly turns into a disaster. Her boyfriend doesn't waste time and dumps her on the spot. You're better? Good-bye then. At work, everyone is more irritated to see her alive than happy to see her back. And her younger sister Sonya, self-obsessed Insta-Queen, won't let go of the income she created from online fundraising for Zhenya's treatment.
All of this is enough to break a person. But not Zhenya! The answer is an old notebook she started when she was first diagnosed. In it: a bucket list full 257 wishes – small and silly, epic and complex, grounded and ambitious. The plan: do everything on the list. Off to new adventures, Zhenya is determined to keep her chin up – and is immediately run over by Konstantin, a grumpy yet handsome stranger…well, when life hands you lemons, be sure to ask for more!


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    Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has acquired dramas from Russia and the Netherlands for its Sony AXN and Sony channels in Germany.

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    Beta Film's 257 Reasons to Live was honored with an award in Cannes

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