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A Baby for Christmas

Title: A Baby for Christmas
Original title: Un Bebe pour Noel
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Laetitia Milot
Alexis Loret
Maud Baecker
Arnaud Binard
Bartholomew Boutellis
Directed by: Eric Summer
Produced by: JLA Productions in co-production with TF1 and Be Films and RTBF (Télévision Belge) with the participation of RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
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A Baby for Christmas

You'll never guess what's under the tree…

This one is a Christmas surprise if there ever has been one! When Noémie wakes up from a coma she finds she had an accident six months ago. But that is not all: she is pregnant as well! And with her memory returning, she realizes something else. A week before her accident she was fighting fiercely with her fiancé Oliver and sought solace in the arms of her ex, Yann. It's a mess. Both could be the father! Out of love, Olivier and Yann gallantly offer to give up the paternity test and let her choose whom she wants to pick to be the child's daddy. Now, Noémie is torn between what seems best for her baby and her own feelings. But she's counting on the magic of Christmas and one thing is for sure – this time, there's a bundle of joy under the tree!