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A Bride's Revenge

Title: A Bride's Revenge
Original title: A Bride's Revenge
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Katie Leclerc
Jeff Schine
Hannah Barefoot
Ben Gavin
Kendra Carelli
Amanda Maddox
Directed by: Rob Malenfant
Produced by: Johnson Production Group for Lifetime
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A Bride's Revenge

Veiled vengeance

Excited about her forthcoming wedding with Ian, Miya suddenly finds herself stalked by a mysterious veiled woman in a bridal dress. She is certain that it is none other than Lori, Ian's crazy ex, and Ian believes her – at first. Except for the fact that Lori has a watertight alibi every time the bride appears. Ian starts to doubt his fiancé. Could Miya be making it all up? She does all she can to prove that Lori is behind the horrifying events that begin tearing them apart, from the death of Ian's dog to accidents that befall his family. In search of the truth, Miya digs into the past to expose the true motives of the mysterious bride, before she completely destroys her wedding and her life.