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A Cape Cod Christmas

Title: A Cape Cod Christmas
Original title: A Cape Cod Christmas
Format: two hours
Starring: Katie Leclerc
Brent Bailey
Cindy Lentol
Directed by: John Stimpson
Produced by: Moody Independent/H9 Films production in association with Off Camera Entertainment and Beta Film for Lifetime

A Cape Cod Christmas

Do you need a house to have a home for your heart, or a heart to save a house?

Boston children's book author Margot is heartbroken. She and her siblings have to sell their late parents' Cape Cod house. Every Christmas was spent there – and this last one will be so special, it might even prevent the sale! When Margot runs into Chris, her childhood sweetheart, she has an idea. He's back in town running his own gallery as an artist. If he paints a picture of the house, maybe her siblings will see what they're about to give up and change their minds? Chris is in, and soon the old chemistry is back as they spend more and more time together. Although when her siblings arrive, all hopes crumble as they can't be convinced ... but Margot and Chris might just have one more ace up their sleeves to save the house!