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A Case of Murder - The Russian Donation

Title: A Case of Murder - The Russian Donation
Original title: Dr. Hoffmann: Die Russische Spende
Format: two hours
Starring: Kai Wiesinger
Isabell Polak
Julika Jenkins
Wilfried Hochholdinger
Directed by: Max Zähle
Produced by: Schiwago Film for ARD Degeto

A Case of Murder - The Russian Donation

Based on the Agatha Christie Prize-winning crime novel: He's a seasoned physician at a Berlin hospital, she's a math teacher. By chance, they become a couple of investigators caught up in a murder case…

An urgent call from the clinic! It's not the first time that Dr. Felix Hoffmann's cozy TV evening is cut short by unexpected duty in the ER. When the patient dies, Dr. Hoffmann doesn't think it was from natural causes. The patient, the Ukrainian Mischa Tschenkow, was part of the hospital's cleaning crew and no stranger to Felix. He was also recently discharged from the clinic with a clean bill of health - but his patient file is gone. When Felix tells his girlfriend Celine about the case, she immediately suspects foul play and wants to investigate the matter. Sure enough, the two stumble into a criminal case, knee-deep in the mafia-like machinations of the clinic's management…