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A Day for a Miracle

Title: A Day for a Miracle
Original title: Das Wunder von Kärnten
Format: two hours, HD
Julia Koschitz (TOUR DE FORCE)
Jürgen Maurer
Gerti Drassl
Gerhard Liebmann
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska (DAY FOR A MIRACLE, ANATOMY OF EVIL)
Produced by: Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion in co-production with Graf Filmproduktion, ZDF and ORF in association with Beta
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A Day for a Miracle

To save a child, a young doctor risks everything

Little Kathi doesn't have a chance. By the time her parents find their four-year-old, she has been floating in an icy pond for nearly a half hour. No pulse. No respiration. Nothing. Yet the father begins pumping her chest, the mother calls the rescue team, no time is lost, wild despair mingles with determination and the refusal to abandon their child. When they arrive at the hospital, Kathi's body temperature is 18.4° C. She is clinically dead.

With the Chief of Surgery away, young cardiac surgeon Markus is confronted with a situation that every young doctor fears: deciding whether to operate or not. Aware that he never operated on a child before, his colleagues beg him to give up, since comparable attempts have always ended in failure. And the chances are high that even if she does survive, Kathi might remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life.

Firmly taking command of the situation, Markus greenlights the operation – but soon runs into a series of problems ranging from complications with Kathi's lungs to the lack of suitable equipment and an irate politician demanding to get his pacemaker implanted. With a lightning-quick mind and a sure hand, Markus has his team swarm out to gather material and even build their own makeshift instruments. Every second counts...



  • "A Day for a Miracle" wins International Emmy

    New York, 26 Nov 2013. Beta Film's A Day for a Miracle has won the International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie.