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A Matter of Life

Title: A Matter of Life
Original title: Das Menschenmögliche
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Alissa Jung
Torben Liebrecht (X Company)
Lasse Myhr
Marietta Meguid
Astrid FĂĽnderich
Directed by: Eva Wolf
Produced by: die film gmbh WEST in co-production with ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel
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A Matter of Life

When a young doctor makes a fatal mistake, she starts doubting her abilities to do her job. But a change in perspective allows her to see the flaws in the system...

Judith is medical doctor aiming to become a cardiologist and very committed to her job. She performs part of her residency in a chronically understaffed emergency room, when one day, she makes a mistake, causing the death of a patient.
Judith is devastated and doubts whether she is suited for her career. Her fellow doctors, including her partner Mark, advise her to carry on as before. While Judith's actions are investigated, she is assigned to ambulance duty.
The new environment and distance to the clinical routine allow her to see things in a new light, realizing the flaws of the system. Now Judith has to decide: not to rock the boat for the sake of her career or take the bull by the horns to change things?