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A Novel Romance

Title: A Novel Romance
Original title: The Write Man
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Amy Acker (PERSON OF INTEREST)
Camille Mitchell (SMALLVILLE)
Charles S. Dutton
Directed by: Mark Griffiths
Produced by: Hallmark Channel and Write Man Films Inc.
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A Novel Romance

Liam hides his fame behind a pseudonym, even to his beloved Sophie. Past experience makes her abhor being with a celebrity ever again. Then Liam finally tells who he really is…but is it too late?

The son of a famous actor couple, Liam Bradley was raised in a celebrity household. When his parents died in a tragic accident, the spotlight on Liam became even more intense, which led him to choose a pseudonym for his own career as a writer. Gabriel August is his "nom de plume," and it is this name that makes millions of women swoon all over the world. Like Sophie Atkinson, a reporter at a Portland daily. She and Liam meet on a flight from NY to Portland, and both are smitten. While Sophie submits Liam to a thoroughly planned "spontaneous" get-together with her best friends to judge Liam's likeability factor, Liam introduces Sophie to his mentor, confidant and Cupid Jackie, a NY literary agent who immediately greenlights Sophie. But trouble looms when Sophie avows that she was previously engaged to a sports celebrity and never wants to be with someone famous again. Liam, whose true identity is still a secret, even to Sophie, finally tells his beloved who he really is…but is it is too late?