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A World Beyond

Title: A World Beyond
Original title: Love and Death on Java
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Muriel Baumeister
Francis Fulton-Smith
Michael Mendl
Directed by: Heidi Kranz
Produced by: teamWorx Produktion für Kino & Fernsehen GmbH in co-production with ARD Degeto in association with Beta
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A World Beyond

Love and death on distant shores

Colonial Java. The storm clouds brewing over Europe in 1939 mean little to the colonial society in Dutch-ruled Java, halfway around the world. To keep his prosperous tobacco company in the family, German industrialist Arthur Landgraf is grooming his beautiful, self-assured daughter Hellen to take over the firm. Though he wants her to marry the Dutch colonial administrator Joop van Boven, Hellen falls in love with another man: Hans Braun, a German Jew.

As the war begins, Arthur's stepson Conrad arrives, a fervent Nazi who wants control of the plantation. After Arthur dies of a sudden heart attack, his will makes it absolutely clear that Hellen is the sole heiress. Thanks to Hans' help, Hellen keeps the factory functioning throughout the war years. But as Germany's fortunes wane, the Dutch begin to round up German citizens – including Jews like Hans...

Only by seducing Joop does Hellen obtain Hans' release. No longer able to keep her relationship secret, she must now contend with her stepbrother Conrad, who has been plotting his revenge. Under Joop's protection, Hellen and Hans – who is actually a noted Berlin banker – save the factory, despite Conrad's constant meddling. Finally, Conrad rejoices: he's found another will that leaves everything to him. But by now the Japanese have invaded Java, and the little tight-knit colonial society learns why the Imperial Japanese Army is so feared...


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