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Adidas vs. Puma - That's the name of the game!

Title: Adidas vs. Puma - That's the name of the game!
Original title: Duell der Brüder - Die Geschichte von Adidas und Puma
Format: two hours, HD
Torben Liebrecht (X Company)
Picco von Groote
Nadja Becker
Directed by: Oliver Dommenget
Produced by: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH and G5fiction
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Adidas vs. Puma - That's the name of the game!

That's the name of the game!

The world of sports is hardly imaginable without them: the Dassler brothers. Hailing from a small German town, Adolf "Adi" Dassler and his brother Rudolf are very different in temperament and practically everything else. The only thing they seem to agree on is their mission: to produce the perfect sports shoe.

Given their unique talents – Adi is the tinkerer and inventor, Rudi the hard-nosed businessman – the brothers ideally complement each other. Their Achilles' heel, however, are their women. Jealousy flares up when Adi's dynamic wife decides to work in the firm while Rudi's adheres to the tradition. Misunderstandings lead to arguments that ultimately cause a company melt-down: the two brothers break up the firm and become rivals. By now it is the 1930s and the leaders of the Third Reich are furious that Jesse Owens, a black American athlete, has won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 – wearing Adi's shoes!

Maneuvering through the ups and downs of fate and failure, the two families carry their feud out into the public. Yet even as the feud assumes Ancient Greek dimensions, Adi and Rudi realize that while they may disagree on everything, there are some decisions that are still worth taking together.

Based on the true story of sportswear empires Adidas and Puma.