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Adventures of Saint Nicholas

Title: Adventures of Saint Nicholas
Original title: Adventures of Saint Nicholas
Format: 1 x 80 minutes, HD
Starring: Mariia Yefrosinina
Przemyslaw Cypryanski
Vasyl Virastiuk
Hrygoriy Bokovenko
Maksym Luchak
Ivanna Borodai
Vyacheslav Rak
Directed by: Semen Gorov
Produced by: BIG HAND FILM
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Adventures of Saint Nicholas

When a thief pretends to be Santa Clause to rob a family, Artem and his sister Polia defend their house and help save Christmas along the way.

8-year-old Artem and his family are moving from a big city to a small town in the mountains. Even though Christmas is approaching, the family is not in a celebratory mood. Dad has lost his job, and neither Mom nor Artem's older sister Polia are thrilled to spend the holidays in the run-down cabin that has just become their new home – away from their friends and the exciting city life they were used to. But tons of snow isn't the only thing waiting for them: A thief is doing his business in the neighborhood! Micholay, whose preferred method of breaking and entering is coming down the chimney, has a run-in with a strange old man who claims to be the real deal - Saint Nicholas! Micholay steals his coat and leaves the old man with the police. When he enters the family's cabin with the children home alone, Artem is sure: It's Santa Clause! But will the kids uncover the fraud and save the real Santa?