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Africa, mon amour

Title: Africa, mon amour
Original title: Afrika, mon amour
Format: 3 x two hours
Starring: Iris Berben (EDDIE THE EAGLE)
Robert Atzorn
Gerald-Alexander Held
Matthias Habich
Pierre Besson
Benjamin Strecker
August Schmölzer
Teresa Harder
Directed by: Carlo Rola
Produced by: MOOVIE the art of entertainment GmbH for ZDF in coproduction with EOS in association with Beta
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 

Africa, mon amour

In colonial Africa, a woman fights to save her life, her honor, and the man she loves...

Berlin, 1914: Katharina leaves her unfaithful husband Richard to start a new life in East Africa. Desperate and without means, she arrives at the African port of Tanga. When Dr. Lukas offers her a post as as assistant, she gladly accepts. The two of them help the sick and Katharina is overwhelmed by the beauty of Africa. When she meets Victor, a Scottish officer, the two of them feel attracted to each other. But Richard, a tradesman, is well-connected and succeeds in making Katharina's life difficult even in the most remote area of the world. They meet again when Richard goes on a safari together with their son Georg and Richard's brother Heinrich. When Georg iis shot in a hunting accident, Katharina finds out that Richard is responsible for their son's death. Richard also pursues a criminal business plan. When World War I breaks out, Richard and Heinrich are forced to stay in Africa and tries to seize control of the German troops. When half of his men die in battle, he blames Katharina of treason. He is about to execute her when all of a sudden he turns his weapon on Heinrich who shoots his brother in self defense and escapes. Heinrich is shot by Hofmann, a German farmer who intends to use Victor's name to cover up for his criminal business activities. When Victor and Katharina confront him, he gets shot. Katharina and Victor decide to stay in Africa for good. They start a hospital which still exists today.