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Africa my home

Title: Africa my home
Original title: Meine Heimat Afrika
Format: two hours
Starring: Christine Neubauer (GOD'S MIGHTY SERVANT)
Dennenesch Zoudé
Michael Roll
Bernhard Schir
Directed by: Erhard Riedlsperger
Produced by: A Ziegler Film production for ARD in association with Beta
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Africa my home

She grew up far away, but part of her never left…

The letter from Namibia brings the news: Hanna's father is dead. What makes it even more shocking is that Hanna thought he had died many years ago. Her mother had always told her what a horrible man he was, and how, when Hanna was three, she left him in Africa and fled with Hanna to Germany. Hanna now learns that she has inherited property in Namibia – and that she has a half-sister, Sumah. Hanna and her husband Andreas immediately fly to the Namibian coastal town of Lüderitz and are greeted anything but warmly: Sumah is furious that she has to share her inheritance with a woman who never once asked about her own father. Misunderstandings abound, yet Hanna does not give up; she wants to know who her father really was.

The only person who seems willing to talk to her is Ron, an entrepreneur who offers Hanna and Sumah a vast sum of money for their property on the outskirts of town. With the money, Sumah could finally leave the country and pursue her studies. Hanna, however, feels mysteriously attracted to the land and to the house where she was born. A kindly Nama elder, Moses, tells her that this place is sacred to the Namas – a local people – but assures her that this is her home, too. When Hanna learns that Ron wants to build a theme park on the property, she refuses to sign the contract, thus bringing Ron, Sumah and her husband Andreas against her. They can't imagine why she wants to keep a few acres of sand and crumbling buildings – because they can't hear her heart, which whispers: "Africa, my home."