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African Challenge

Title: African Challenge
Original title: Freunde in Afrika
Format: 16 x half hour
Starring: Ellie Schlemo
Nadine Remmert
Christian Wenzel
Danica Hüls
Clara Kerpes
Diana Szlang
Gabriel Wiesneth
Philipp Richardt
Directed by: Gabriele Wengler
Simone Rosner
Jörg Pfeifer
Produced by: Caligari Film, WDR and WDR mediagroup GmbH in cooperation with Arte for ARD in association with Beta

African Challenge

Join a unique wildlife experience. Follow young volunteers and wild animals on a farm in the Kalahari

In this entertaining series for the whole family, we discover a unique “Daktari”-like wildlife conservation farm in the Kalahari Desert, which is home to over 300 different types of endangered animals. Accompany an expert team of veterinarians and game keepers who take care of hurt, abandoned and sick animals before they can be freed into the wild. Contributing to these efforts are a group of young volunteers from across the world, who live and work closely together for three months.

In each episode new characters are introduced, which are confronted with different tasks on the farm, from resettling the zebras and warthogs in different camps to feeding leopards and springbuck. Their naïve desire to help and protect often clashes with the natural instincts of the animals, and leads to amusing moments. Faced by extreme situations, the young adventurers have to adapt to the rough environment and the diverse habits of its population. In this process they develop strong friendships among each other, but also with their protégés. While preparing the animals to return to wilderness, the protagonists learn more about themselves, every time taking back with them unforgettable memories and experiences.