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Alfons Jitterbit - Countdown to Chaos

Title: Alfons Jitterbit - Countdown to Chaos
Original title: Alfons Zitterbacke
Format: 1 x 92 minutes, HD
Starring: Tilman Döbler
Alexandra Maria Lara (DOWNFALL)
Katharina Thalbach (THE TIN DRUM)
Wolfgang Stumph
Olaf Schubert
Directed by: Mark Schlichter
Produced by: X Filme Creative Pool in co-production with MDR, ARD and N8-Filmproduktion
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Alfons Jitterbit - Countdown to Chaos

Genius inventor. Walking disaster.

Did you know? 11-year-old Alfons will one day conquer space, for he will be a genius inventor and astronaut! Unfortunately, here on Earth trouble is never far off for this lovable visionary. He is a walking disaster. On top of that, Alfons has to endure the ridicule of his peers. When the school organizes a competition, Alfons knows that finally, he can prove his potential to the whole world (but really, to his rival, Nico, the bully). Together with his friends Benni and Emilia, Alfons sets out to build a super rocket ship! … But he'll soon learn that friendship is way more important than glory. So is lots of jelly pudding!