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Almost Perfect

Title: Almost Perfect
Original title: Almost Perfect
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Sunny Mabrey (TELEIOS)
Audrey Whitby
Lili Sepe
Susie Abromeit (JESSICA JONES)
Directed by: Jake Helgren
Produced by: The Ninth House Films
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Almost Perfect

New Mom – Wrong Daughter

Suburban life seems idyllic for Stella and her teenage daughter Shay – apart from the usual mother-daughter tensions. Until the sudden arrival of Peyton, a “wanna-be” daughter who cleverly insinuates herself into their home and their lives. A long-time fan of Stella's blog “Mother Made”, fandom has turned to obsession and she is determined to weasel her way into the family. And at first, it seems to work. Loving new daughter, loving new sister. But that's not enough for Peyton, who will do whatever it takes to be daughter number one. And that includes eliminating anyone who gets in her way. After all, when it comes to murder, she's had plenty of practice.